Adventure Sports in Nepal

Nepal offers some of the most exciting and exhilarating scenery on earth, so what better back drop can you imagine to your adventure sports.  Whether soaring high through the mountains, or splashing through the valleys below, Nepal has the all you need for the ultimate in adventure sports.

Adventure Sports


Paragliding in Nepal

It is relatively a new adventure activity in Nepal for those who want to experience flying over village,monasteries,temple,lakes and jungles like the Himalayan griffin vultures,eagle and kites in the sky.Pokhara has been internationally recognized destination for paragliding.

Bungee Jump

Nepal offers the third highest bungee jump in the world.The jump is a-160 meters drop from the platform into the gorge of the roaring river Bhote Koshi situated near the Nepal-Tibet border.This exciting sport is designed and introduced by one of New Zealand's  leading Bungee consultants.

Cable Car

The temple and small village of Manakamana is situated atop the 1302 metre hill that lies 12 km south of historic town Gorkha and overlooking the river Valley of Trishuli in South and Marshyandi in west, some three by Private Car west from Kathmandu, or about the same time by Private Car east from Pokhara. A cable car runs.

( morning 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., stopping for lunch break from 12.00 p.m. to 13.30 p.m.) from the cable station of Kurintar .

Cable car is a recent phenomenon in Nepal that has become extremely popular pilgrimage and holiday destiation with the locals and tourists alike. The 10-minute cable-car ride takes the visitor to the temple of Goddess Manakamma who is believed to have the power to fulfil wishes, thus called the wish fulfilling deity

Mountain Biking

It offers an environmentally sound way of exploring the magnificent countryside,its landscape and living heritage.There are plenty of dirt roads and trails in Nepal to meet every mountain biker's wildest fantasy.

Mountain Flight

One of the best ways to get close to the Himalayas and to Everest in particular,is to take mountain flight.It lasts for an hour offering an incredible close-up view of the awesome Himalayan peaks.We operate breathtaking mountain flights round the year,ensuring a window seat for all.

Ultralight Aircraft

Ultralight aircraft was introduced in Nepal in 1996, and the operator has been offering sightseeing tours in the Pokhara Valley . The choice of Pokhara for ultra-light aircraft is appropriate chiefly because of the proximity of the mountains, and the scenic lakes. For those who wish they could fly like birds, this flight is a must. Leave your woes behind on earth, soar to heights, bathe in the clouds, reach of for the mountains and kiss the azure sky. It might be lonely at the top, but the spectacular view from up there certainly makes up for everything.

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