Where is Nepal?

Many people have been told wonderful things about Nepal by friends and family who have visited, but are still unsure of where it is.  Understanding Nepals location and geography is key to understanding the countrys unique appeal and why people the world over dream of visiting again and again.


Where is Nepal?

Many people have heard wonderful things about Nepal and its countrymen from friends and family who have visited. Nepal makes a lasting impression on everyone that visits, and those who have been lucky enough to have had the experience, enjoy sharing those experiences with the less fortunate. The key to understanding Nepals appeal and why visitors from all over the world vow to return again and again, is its unique location and geography.

Nepal is a land-locked state in South Asia. It is found in the spectacular Himalayan mountain range between its neighbour India in the South and China and the Tibetan Autonomous Region in the North. The gigantic tectonic plate of india smashed into the even larger eurasian plate over 20 million years ago, and began lifting the deep ocean floor to over 8 kilometres, or 5 miles above sea level. The lifting continues to this day, and Nepal is home to over 240 peaks towering more than 6000metres into the sky, and 8 of the 10 highest peaks in the world including the highest, and most famous of all the worlds mountains, Mount Everest at 8840m.

Nepal is a land of giants and unparalleled natural beauty. The country that has often been described as "Natures Amphitheatre" has been a magnet for travellers for centuries, and the routes travelled by traders negotiating their way through the maze of ice and rock are still travelled today by locals and tourists alike.

The people of Nepal are almost as famous as the landscape they live in. Nepals cities are melting pots of ideas, architecture and traditions dating back thousands of years, drawing influences from all over Asia. The people of Nepal, despite coming from 103 different ethnic groups and speaking 93 different languages, all believe in the same ancient Hindu proverb "Atithi Devo Bhava", which means "The Guest is God". While the spectacular scenery on offer may take your breath away, it is the warmth and generosity of the Nepalese people that make Nepal the uniquely wonderful place it is, and the reason why so many visitors are desperate to share it with the ones they love.

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