Mt. Kailash Trek

Duration: 14 Days

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kailash trek

A trip to Mount Kailash has always been regarded as a pilgimage although its a quite adventurous one. Whether you drive for seven days or walk for six days, it is still not possible to make a quick, easy visit to Mount Kailash or Manasarovar but once you are there, you will realize that its worth doing it. 

The tour is designed to provide some insight into Tibet and its way of life and culture with visits to some of Tibet's less well known Monasteries. The trek also provides the opportunity to partake in the Holy pilgrimage around Mount Kailash.


Day One
Drive Kathmandu / Nyalam (3750 m.). Overnight Guest house
Day Two
Rest at Nyalam with sightseeing local places.
Day Three
Nyalam / Saga (4600 m.) camp.
Day Four
Saga / Paryang (4550 m.) camp.
Day Five
Paryang / Chiu Gomba (4550 m.) camp.
Day Six
Chiu Gomba / Gosul Gomba (4540 m.)
Day Seven
Gosul Gomba / Darchen (4520 m.) camp.
Day Eight
Darchen / Dera Phuk Gomba (4860 m.) camp - A three day trek around Mt. Kailash
Day Nine
Dera Phuk Gomba / Zutul Phuk Gomba (4760 m.) camp.
Day Ten
Zutul Phuk Gomba / Horaa (4500 m.) camp.
Day Eleven
Horaa / Paryang camp.
Day Twelve
Paryang / Saga camp.
Day Thirteen
Saga / Nyalam. Overnight Guest house.
Day Fourteen
Nyalam / Zhang-Mu / Kathmandu.

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